Barbarus I

by Barbarus

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released August 22, 2015

Music and lyrics: Maksym Senyshyn
Organ and piano arrangements: Ted Carreon
Additional drum arrangements: Herbert Jackson
Guitar reamping: Connor Gilkinson
Mixing, mastering, and bass recording: Jonathan Stokes



all rights reserved


Barbarus Jersey City, New Jersey

Currently working on the first full length album.

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Track Name: Angels' Wings
I have torn the angels' wings.
Thrown gods off of their thrones.
I'm searching for the one
Who will help me find the sun

I am unworthy of your grace
I wear a dead man's face
A bastard's bastard son
A creature who came undone

What have I become?

My anger is awry
As I scream into the night
A fire burns inside
The rage I cannot hide

My mask has grown heavy
Without it I am free
As I wander earth alone
I hope to find my home

Someday will come my dawn
Track Name: The Forsaken Lands
I can hear them as they scream
Eyes so dead without a gleam
They are twisted and decayed
They are starving with no aid

Now I hear the millions weep
I can see them when I sleep
Trapped in hell I can't awaken
Truly these are the lands forsaken

Walking through the barren wastes
The living shamble with no grace
Famine in the wilted fields
In life and death you will make them kneel

Leaders treat their people like foes
Leaving them to freeze in the snow
Such betrayel is the greatest crime
Our revenge will come in time

Track Name: Brethren
Brethren hear my call
Our fury hails the storm
Glory awaits us in the hall
Standing strong, we shall swarm

When the black birds take to the sky
We will shout a victorious cry

Our time has come

Death may come when we hear the drums
We bravely fought now we hear the song

The blood lust has left us
We battled for our cause
The enemy was beaten, as
Our brothers marched to war

Freedom awaits us now that we've won
Legends will remember the wrath of our arms
Track Name: Noble Lords
You're standing here, you noble lords so silent about my crime.
And though you have put me in chains, it is you who wish to die.
To sit beside your great divine is your strongest desire.
And all of us who won't take your vows, you commit to holy fire.

You see in me the devil's eyes and think it freedom's price
I bend no knee to gods above, they're constructs of your minds
You condemn yourselves to eternal life, and call it sacred rite
But no, I'll keep my head held high, as you bask in your tainted light.

There is no need to cast you down, we should be unified
We're divided by theology, beliefs of archaic times
So take my life and burn my bones, may the fires reach the sky
If so you wish to murder me, I meet my end with pride.

No matter if it's cross or star, or hammer, moon, or rose
I will not bow before your throne, or the scriptures you impose
Track Name: The Right of Life
When the moon is high
Your shallow graves
Shall feel the light
And you will rise
You are not slaves
Life is your right
You cannot break
You will take flight
You will survive

Take to the sky

You walk with a heavy heart
And don't know how to stop
Everything is dark
The voices only grow
Their whispers corrode your soul
Your mind cannot let go

Fire burns bright within us all
We stand and hear the call
Of shadows in the light
We have to stand and fight
To let the sorrow win
Would be the gravest sin

Look for the dawn
Seek out what's bright
Misery will try
To drag you deep
A twisted sleep
Don't ever go
When whispers roar

When you are eclipsed
And feel so cold
Remain transfixed
Take one long breath
Let light take hold
Stand fast and strong
You are not alone
Don't hide in dreams
Fight for your peace

The right of life